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Jack Armstrong
Principal Broker / Attorney / Mediator

Creating Solutions Since 1994

Jack’s the kind of agent that will climb up on the roof, hike the fence-line or wade into the water to get a hands-on look at a property. If there's an obstacle, he'll apply his abilities as a Mediator, a Lawyer and a Broker to find a solution that works for all parties. After working on various construction/investment projects through the years, he can see the “bones” of a property to give you a true evaluation. Jack brings this kind of versatility, tenacity and years of expertise to every real estate deal he works on for you. He also works with an extremely talented and knowledgeable group of Agents who stand ready to assist wherever needed.
As one client summarized, ”It was an unfair advantage having Jack negotiate this deal.” –Chris
A broker representing the other party said, “I walked away 6 months ago, I can’t believe you got this thing closed!!” – Steve
A woman and man buy a house, break up and the woman wanted to sell (but the guy refused to sign anything, pay the mortgage, utilities, maintenance or show for closing). After closing, the woman said, “No one else in this town could have done what you managed to do. You’re a Life Saver!!” --K. R.

* Texas Real Estate Broker since 1996.
* Licensed to practice law in the State of Texas - since 1994
* Escrow Officer / Title Closer - 1996-2006.
* Certified Mediator - Corder & Thompson). Volunteer Mediator at the ADR
* Successful real estate entrepreneur with returns on investment of over 700% (sidenote: has never lost money on a real estate deal, nor have any of his clients).
* Routinely helps his clients obtain the best possible prices in the market: ($$$)
  • Successfully dealing w/ workers, contractors, brokers, banks, & homeowners on all sides of the transaction for 21+ years. He knows the short-cuts, the ropes, the laws, the creative fixes while at the same time, he knows how important it is to listen and keep an open mind to new ideas and possibilities.